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Officer Safety by Automation

Posted by Lynn Collins on Tue, Jul 16, 2013 @ 10:56 AM

“Innovate, Automate, Succeed” has been Cardinal Tracking’s Motto for several years now.  Our goal is staying abreast of the latest Innovations, while Automating processes for ease of use.  These commitments allow Cardinal and our Agencies to succeed in our shared missions.

MobileLink already increases officer productivity and safety by providing real-time local and national vehicle/person data, empowering the officer with critical information.  Until now obtaining this information required the officer to read information on the laptop and lose visual focus on the violator and or surroundings.

 text to speech

Officer Safety by Automation

Our goal of Innovation and Automation has led us to incorporate a “Text to Speech Translator” to MobileLink.  This new feature allows officers to keep focus on the person/surroundings during traffic stops, or calls for service by “listening” to LETS person and vehicle returns instead of reading the laptop screen.  The end result?……Officer Safety.     

Click Here to Listen to a Sample

 TExt to speech automation



Let the Speech Begin

This feature is ready for release to our Agencies currently using MobileLink. Better yet, there is no additional cost for implementation as long as your hardware supports these audio files.  Please make an appointment by calling 1-888-634-7181 or email and our support team will schedule the FREE upgrade. 


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Strong Passwords

Posted by Troy Swift on Tue, May 07, 2013 @ 10:32 AM

Strong Passwords

Our lives are becoming more entangled with protecting our identity and the security of our online experience. Many of us remember the good ole days of just having a 4 digit ATM code to remember. We now pay our bills online and I’m sure the post office has missed us visiting to purchase stamps (no wonder they are in the red). The internet has sure made things a little simpler but it does create a challenge of remember all of our passwords. Now a new monkey wrench gets thrown into the mix “Strong Passwords”. I went to the Microsoft website since I’m sure Bill Gates needs to protect his identity even more than the average Joe. 

Here is a nice article to help you protect your identity.

strong password
Cardinal Tracking’s products comply with the Strong Password requirements to meet
our clients security needs.


Have Questions? See Our Parking Management FAQs

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Online Court Payments

Posted by Troy Swift on Tue, Mar 26, 2013 @ 11:36 AM

It seems in our fast pace lives we don’t have a tolerance to wait in lines these days.  It has been a little while since I went to Six Flags Over Texas but one trend I noticed on my last visit was that if you paid extra you could move to the front of the lines on certain rides.  During those hot summer months in our Great State that might be money well spent to keep you from passing out and taking a ride to the hospital.   


Recently Cardinal Tracking added an enhancement to help reduce the long lines for our Municipal Court clients.  We now offer an Online Service to take payments via credit cards.  That can be beneficial to the court and to a person from out of town who was lucky enough to meet an officer while driving a little too fast through your city.  This new service allows the city to incur no upfront cost to get started since the convenience fees can be passed on to the violator.  It also allows the violator a simple solution to find out fine amount and make the payment from the convenience of their home.  Basically they move to the front of the line without ever leaving their house.

Cardinal's Online Court payments service benefits are:

  • no upfront costs
  • improve collections rates
  • reduce lines


If you are interested in Cardinal Trackings New Court Online service please contact your sales person or call 800-285-3833 for assistance.   

You can also find out more and talk to clients already using this service at Cardinal Tracking's Public Safety Users Conference in May.

Public Safety  Users Conference


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Template Editor (Forms Builder)

Posted by kathy Davis on Thu, Mar 07, 2013 @ 02:00 PM

As a member of the Sales Department at Cardinal Tracking Inc., I have the pleasure of working many Tradeshows around the country.  Yes it can be rough on the feet but it does give you opportunities to meet new agencies and speak to existing clients.  At a recent show in San Diego I had one of our existing clients stop by our booth.  The Chief was looking for a mechanism to assist the department with filling out the paperwork required by the DA.  Basically the officers were being overwhelmed with paperwork and the Chief was looking to see if Cardinal had a solution that reduced that burden.  I demonstrated to the Chief a feature called Template Editor which is basically a forms builder using Microsoft Word.  This feature allows an agency to create Prosecution Reports, Case Coversheets or basically any form to pull data stored in the Badge RMS and auto fill the document.   

public safety forms

How it works:

Fields inside the Badge RMS have “Bookmark Names”.  These Bookmarks are added to your Microsoft Word document.  While on a record in the Badge RMS the officer will launch Template Editor to start the process.  The feature will create your document and will automatically take data from the Badge RMS to help you fill out the paperwork.  That saves everybody time and helps keep the staff out on patrol.     

This feature will help reduce the double entry of data when creating needed forms and best of all its free to our clients.  This feature will not cost your agency a dime to implement so why not get started?  Call the Cardinal Support line today to learn more about the Template Editor feature and how it can benefit your department.    


Troy Swift


The new Template Editor feature has streamlined our case management process, reduced administrative errors and allowed for enhanced time management.”    

Chief Tony Cain

Hillsboro Police Department


You can find our more about using Templates and more at the Public Safety Users Conference

in May! 

Public Safety  Users Conference

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Welcome from Cardinal Tracking

Posted by Steve Leuschner on Mon, Mar 04, 2013 @ 11:01 AM

Public Safety software blogToday, a website is the shingle or welcome mat of a business.  It represents who you are, what you do, the services you provide, and often the nature and culture of your business.  In addition to providing information to customers, prospects, and complete strangers in a concise and meaningful format, you also must stand out amongst the billions of other web pages and get noticed.

The Cardinal Tracking website came to life in early 1998.  It has changed many times over the years to keep up with growing demand and new technologies.  It’s amazing how fast technology changes and what was new yesterday is out of date.  Today, we are proud to announce the latest design of 

On the design front, we are employing the same design concepts used in our software products - a clean, bright, and efficient destination that presents the information you need quickly and intuitively.  Our goal is to create a central hub were visitors can learn about who we help and what we offer and current customers can visit often for news and education related to their industry.

This is only the foundation of the new website but we hope you will stop by for a visit, see what’s new, and contribute (let us know what you think!).  Please sign up for our blog, and follow us on social media to keep up to date as we continue to build.

Steve Leuschner

President, CEO

Cardinal Tracking, Inc.

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