Computer Aided Police Dispatch

CAD911 is Cardinal Tracking’s computer-aided dispatch system software. Police departments across North America rely on this software to keep officers safe and quickly respond to the needs of their citizens, with critical information and monitoring of each call.

CAD911 provides information to officers including criminal background data and location histories to give them every advantage when responding to a call or initiating a traffic stop. With real-time signal alerts and alarms, dispatchers know when to send backup to aid and protect officers in danger.

Features Include:

  • Dispatch Fire, EMS and Police
  • Location and Caller History
  • Hazardous location and medical alerts
  • Multiple dispatcher logs
  • E911 and TLETS integration
  • Query State and NCIC data
  • Simple traffic stop monitoring

Give your department the advantage needed to keep your officers and citizenry safe. Additional features including a robust report generation tool, at-a-glance dashboards and comprehensive search tools, combine to deliver a powerful solution.
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