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Court is Cardinal’s court records management system that is designed to streamline data to increase accuracy. Court can be used as a standalone system or integrate with our eCitation, Badge RMS and MobileCite system, to provide automatic data transfer from the officer’s car to the court clerk’s desk. With these three products integrated, you’re able to automatically track and manage violation fines, fee calculations, bonds and warrants.

Court has online payment portals to eliminate long lines and frustrated customers. It’s easier than ever to collect and apply payments for citations online 24/7. We work with several companies for payment options, so your organization can find the solution that works best for you.

MobileCite reduces stop time and increases the accuracy of issued citations and warnings. MobileCite supports mag card readers to quickly populate driver’s license information and gives officers the ability to include numerous violations on a single citation and customize violation picklists. Instantly retrieve warnings and data about the defendant and vehicle with MobileCite on a laptop, while our handheld solutions also allow officers to easily capture images, video and voice notes. It can be integrated with our Court software to automatically sync data in realtime to ensure your information is accurate and up to date.

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Why Cardinal?

Cardinal Tracking’s Court and eCitation software work together seamlessly to provide a robust and easy-to-use ticketing and adjudication solution. Court can work as a standalone system or be combined with our Badge police records management system to produce a fully integrated police and court records management system. Our support staff is second-to-none. With an average tenure of 10 years at Cardinal. When you call in, you’re connected directly with our team and can build a personal relationship with Cardinal employees over time. We’re always here for you!