Automated Citation Issuance System

MobileCite is Cardinal Tracking’s automated citation issuance system. Issue tickets for moving violations or city ordinance violations, using a laptop or handheld device and a mobile printer.

MobileCite works seamlessly with BADGE and COURT to eliminate data entry.

MobileCite includes the following features and capabilities:

  • Automatic import reduces manual data entry for greater accuracy
  • Eliminates illegible or incomplete citations
  • Scans driver’s license and registration
  • Captures images and audio recordings of the traffic stop
  • Collects racial profiling data
  • Prints citations to a mobile printer in the field
  • Captures officer and violator digital signatures

MobileCite is specifically designed for moving violations and misdemeanors. When combined with BADGE, Cardinal e-ticket software reduces stop time and increases the safety of your police department.

To learn more about MobileCite e-citation software, contact Cardinal Tracking today.