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Mary B. Mabry, CAPP, has joined the Cardinal Team!

Posted by Rashynda Whitworth on Thu, Jun 23, 2016


Mary.jpg Cardinal is pleased to announce that Mary Mabry has been hired as the company’s new Product Manager for Parking Solutions. Mary joins the Cardinal team with 28 years of experience in the parking industry. Over that time, she has worked as the Manager of Parking Services under the Police Department at the University of Texas of Arlington, the Manager for Parking & Transportation at UT Dallas, and the Associate Director of Parking & Transportation for the Police Department at the University of North Texas in Denton until finally retiring from the State of Texas in March of 2016.

“I’ve worked with Mary for over 20 years as a TickeTrak customer,” said Steve Leuschner, CEO and President of Cardinal. “She is passionate about her work and the parking industry. I’m excited to have her as part of our team and we look forward to building our products and services with the benefit of her input.”

Mary is a Certified Administrator of Public Parking (CAPP) and has been an active member of the International Parking Institute since 2006, and has served as a board member of the Texas Parking & Transportation Association. Her training and connections always keep her up-to-date on what’s trending in the parking industry and community.

She was the recipient of the 2010 Distinguished Service Award for TPTA and was a noted nominee for the IPI 2012 Professional of the Year. She has written several industry standard articles and Spotlight segments covering the State Association accomplishments for last five years which have been published in The Parking Professional. She has presented at TPTA Roundtables and various venues for the parking industry with a strong interest in technology, management, training and development.


Configure TickeTrak for your Holiday Food Bank Drive

Posted by Rashynda Whitworth on Thu, Dec 10, 2015


For the holidays, agencies often share the holiday spirit and help local charities and food banks by giving their customers the opportunity to pay their fines and help the less fortunate. Here at Cardinal we want to make setting up that special payment promotion easy in our parking management system.

Payment Code/Type:

If you already have a Payment Code for a non monetary adjustment you use that and just create a Payment Type to properly account for the food drive receipts.  To create the Payment Type from within TickeTrak:

  1. In the File menu select Defaults and then Data Entry Defaults.
  2. Select the Data Option of Payment Type.
  3. In the grid enter a Code and Description of "Food Drive" and ensure the Cash and Cash Drawer columns are set to "N".


Accepting a Donation:

Before starting the program you should determine the value of each can or other nonperishable item donation so you can convert the donation to a cash value. The following is assuming the donation to be a 1 item to $1 conversion value.

1. In Accept Payment after you've selected the ticket(s) you want to pay you should select your existing Payment Code for your adjustment type.
2. Select the "Food Drive" Payment Type code you created in the steps above.
3. Enter the dollar amount value of the donation in the Amount Paid field.
4. Click Post.

The ticket will then be reduced by the amount of the donation and the rest of the outstanding balance can be paid using the standard Payment Code/Payment Type depending on how the customer is paying.


The new "Food Drive" Payment Type will be reported automatically like all other payment types on your Non Monetary End of Day report. The individual transactions for this type will also appear on the transaction listing report.

If you have any questions or need any help with the set-up process, please reach out to our support team and we’ll make sure to help you out.

Happy Holidays from the Cardinal Tracking Family!

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Bethany Beach's Successful Parking Integration

Posted by Kyle Kehrwald on Wed, Jul 22, 2015

We've previously written about Bethany Beach's pay-by-phone parking integration with Parkmobile, and one year later business is booming.

Bethany_Beach_RevenueBethany Beach is a popular tourist destination located in Delaware that gets about 200,000 visitors each year. On average the city writes 8,500 parking tickets per season and issues 5,200 seasonal parking permits and 600 daily parking permits. Its parking division pulled in $1.6 million in revenue for the city in 2014 and hopes to earn $2 million in 2015.

Because the city’s revenue is so closely tied to tourism, Bethany Beach needed a way to make the parking payment process as easy and smooth as possible. After a citation was issued, visitors would either have to go to the parking office to pay in cash or wait for the ticket to be uploaded online at the end of the day to pay with a credit card. This was not an ideal solution for the many tourists of Bethany Beach.

As a TickeTrak Mobile customer, Bethany Beach pursued the opportunity to partner with Parkmobile for a pay-by-phone parking system as a way to facilitate a better parking experience for beach visitors. The integration allows officers to get real-time notifications of any parking violation or existing scofflaw by using just one application.

Bethany Beach has been able to improve the parking experience for its tourists and TickeTrak Mobile has made the parking management process more convenient for the officers. This solution, according to Parking Director Steve Grames, “[goes] along with the friendly nature of the town and encourages people to come vacation here and return year after year.”

For more information, read about our custom integrations or contact us!


The Newest Features for TickeTrak 9.5 and TickeTrak Mobile 2.0 Release

Posted by Rashynda Whitworth on Wed, Oct 01, 2014

This September Cardinal Tracking released the latest TickeTrak update for both the desktop and mobile software. These updates now offer a fully automated system with wireless transfer for users with handhelds that have wireless capabilities. The desktop version of TickeTrak offers more customizable options and with TickeTrak Mobile 2.0, users that have handhelds with wireless capabilities will now be able to update their Scofflaw lists in real time.


TickeTrak 9.5 - New Features: 

TickeTrak 9.5 is still fully compatible with PTT9, TTM and the new TTM 2.0 

1. More Options for Customization:  

  • Email Receipts: Users now have the option to either email or print a receipt of payment. Email addresses can now be updated if needed. 
  • Enhanced Toolbar: Users have the ability to now disable the toolbar or display it with or without a description. 
  • CTI Notifications: The About screen will now show the current database and license expiration date for your account. Users will no longer need a new license file if new users are added or additional modules enabled. 
  • Exporting Reports: Reports can now be exported in .rtf, .pdf, and .xls. Also users now have the ability to search within the report, copy/paste information and view multiple pages at once. 
  • Multimedia Attachment Formats: Additional multimedia formats include .txt and .msg.  

2. Fully Automated Process for Permits and Scofflaws: 

Users will no longer have the need to manually rebuild a file for a permit or a scofflaw. With the real-time continuous communication with TickeTrak Mobile 2 any updates made to a permit or scofflaw will be transferred automatically. 

  • Permit Updates: Permit types will now be displayed in the Global Search window and Permit Fulfillment sends permits to a 3rd party company for fulfillment/mailing. Users also have the option to export by active or issued date range to a .csv file. 
  • Scofflaw Updates: Users will still have the ability to manually rebuild a file, if needed, and a warning option has been added as a selection criteria for all TTM 2 users. A Scofflaw Codes list has also been added to the scofflaw criteria window. 

TickeTrak Mobile 2: 


TickeTrak Mobile 2.0 is now available to all users who have wireless handheld capabilities such as the Casio IT9000, Juno T41, Dolphin Black 70e, or etc. 

1. Wireless Transfers 

With TickeTrak Mobile 2.0, users that have handhelds with wireless capabilities will now be able to update their Scofflaw lists in real time. This real-time wireless transfer will eliminate the need for manually transferring information to the desktop and then updating the handheld.

Whether the handheld is placed in a cradle at the parking office, or updates in real-time via wifi or cellular out in the field, it's no longer a manual process,” saidTroy Swift, Regional Sales Manager. “Now it’s a choice of what the customer wants to do to transfer the data but no one is physically having to hit a button anymore.”

TickeTrak mobile also wirelessly sends ticket information after it's written.  No more waiting for the officer to return at the end of shift or issuing skeletal tickets to accept payments before the ticket is uploaded.


2. Better Data Entry


TickeTrak is a comprehensive system designed to help you control your parking management operations, and TickeTrak Mobile offers intuitive data entry and an entry process tailored to your agency needs.

Other additions with the TickeTrak Mobile 2.0 include the option to show the GPS coordinates of the parking infraction and the number of images captured on the ticket.  

Jeremy Moon, Development Manager, says that these two additions will “give the parking department better information about where the ticket was written. The goal is to help reduce the number of unnecessary appeals.”



3. Customizable Layout and User Options 


The software features a new customizable layout where you can decide which screen and field is visible on the hand held. You can also hide screens you don’t need while writing a ticket.

The update comes with a larger keyboard for you to use, which now includes the "-" and "&" symbols.

Users can now have the option to print or not print a specific officer comment field on the ticket and the option to restrict officer ability to exit TTM 2.0 without password. 

Also included is the ability to add different makes, models, body types and colors. Adminstrators will be able to approve the new additions from within TickeTrak after the tickets have been transferred. 


4. Optional Parkmobile Integration

The Parkmobile integration makes it easy both for people to pay for parking and for police officers to verify the car can be parked there. The officer will also be able to check the license plate for existing scofflaws and permits within TickeTrak instead of having to switch between applications.

To learn more about the updates in our latest release, request a custom demonstration below! 

 Request Custom Demonstration


TickeTrak Mobile and Parkmobile Integration at Bethany Beach

Posted by Rashynda Whitworth on Mon, Jul 14, 2014

This June Cardinal Tracking went live with Bethany Beach, DE in a new Parkmobile partnership. Just in time for all the summer tourists!

346200 parkmobile qr code sticker resized 600

Cardinal Tracking has interfaced their TickeTrak Mobile software with Parkmobile at Bethany Beach to make it easier to keep track of parking for both the officer and customer. The customer will be able to pay for their parking space by visiting or by calling Parkmobile’s toll-free phone number.

"Parkmobile is very excited to launch our mobile payment parking service in Bethany Beach," said Cherie Fuzzell, CEO of Parkmobile USA, Inc. “We are thrilled to partner with Bethany Beach to offer this technology which enhances the parking experience by eliminating the need to swipe a card or feed coins to a meter. Parkmobile looks forward to working with Bethany Beach to offer drivers a more robust means of parking.”

With the integration with Cardinal Tracking’s TickeTrak Mobile software, now when an officer enters in the license plate information into the TickeTrak mobile database the system will not only check for existing scofflaws or permits but also look into the Parkmobile database to make sure that the parked car is valid.

“The best way to make our customers more efficient is integration.  Agencies use many different tools in parking enforcement and the last thing they want to do is to switch between them throughout the day,” Steve Leuschner, President and CEO of Cardinal Tracking said. “Everything should seamlessly work together and the ability for Cardinal’s TickeTrak Mobile handheld tool to automatically look up license plates in Parkmobile as it is being entered is another step in that direction.”

To learn more about how to integrate Parkmobile and TickeTrak Mobile for your agency contact our sales team.

Contact Our Sales Team
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Save the date for the 2014 TickeTrak Users Conference in Austin!

Posted by Rashynda Whitworth on Tue, Jun 10, 2014

SAVE THE DATE resized 600
For more information about the hotel or to make your reservations today click here

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