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Configure TickeTrak for your Holiday Food Bank Drive

Posted by Rashynda Whitworth on Thu, Dec 10, 2015


For the holidays, agencies often share the holiday spirit and help local charities and food banks by giving their customers the opportunity to pay their fines and help the less fortunate. Here at Cardinal we want to make setting up that special payment promotion easy in our parking management system.

Payment Code/Type:

If you already have a Payment Code for a non monetary adjustment you use that and just create a Payment Type to properly account for the food drive receipts.  To create the Payment Type from within TickeTrak:

  1. In the File menu select Defaults and then Data Entry Defaults.
  2. Select the Data Option of Payment Type.
  3. In the grid enter a Code and Description of "Food Drive" and ensure the Cash and Cash Drawer columns are set to "N".


Accepting a Donation:

Before starting the program you should determine the value of each can or other nonperishable item donation so you can convert the donation to a cash value. The following is assuming the donation to be a 1 item to $1 conversion value.

1. In Accept Payment after you've selected the ticket(s) you want to pay you should select your existing Payment Code for your adjustment type.
2. Select the "Food Drive" Payment Type code you created in the steps above.
3. Enter the dollar amount value of the donation in the Amount Paid field.
4. Click Post.

The ticket will then be reduced by the amount of the donation and the rest of the outstanding balance can be paid using the standard Payment Code/Payment Type depending on how the customer is paying.


The new "Food Drive" Payment Type will be reported automatically like all other payment types on your Non Monetary End of Day report. The individual transactions for this type will also appear on the transaction listing report.

If you have any questions or need any help with the set-up process, please reach out to our support team and we’ll make sure to help you out.

Happy Holidays from the Cardinal Tracking Family!

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