Parking Management

Why TickeTrak?

Cardinal understands your need for a parking solution that is flexible to meet your unique environment. Our TickeTrak solution offers instant data transfer so officers can access the latest scofflaw, permit and ticket information. We also offer integrations that offer online payment and registration portals so your campus can accept online ticket payments, appeals and permit registrations.

We are committed to supporting our customers to ensure they can succeed when they are out serving their own communities. Our product provides options, creating a software that offers flexibility for all clients no matter what environment or size their parking industry they are in. We provide software options for Universities, Municipalities, Airports, Hospitals and private parking entities. With an average tenure of over 9 years of employment, Cardinal Tracking’s employees and the service they provide is exemplary. We won’t make you navigate through an automated support process. Our support technicians are readily available to help you with your needs.

Who We Help



Homeowner Associations (HOA)


Flexible Integrations

Our integration services empower you to work more efficiently with multiple vendor solutions through one interface. We offer flexible integration with many payment services pay-by-phone, LPR, permit fulfillment and central cashiering vendors.

Functionality Features

Increase productivity and save time with Cardinal Tracking software and handheld ticketing devices. Many of our clients — particularly hospitals and shopping malls — use this system to monitor unauthorized employee parking. You can choose to create a ticket without a fine to notify employees. Our tracking system keeps these on record for a complete employee parking history.

Need to access an unregistered vehicle owner’s mailing address? Our software program, ORIS, imports the information so a statement can be printed and mailed to the recipient of the citation. Companies and organizations that use ORIS see an immediate improvement in collection rates and reduced data entry costs.

We can help you streamline your ticketing process to help you better manage your lots and metered spaces.

Mobile Parking Solutions

Our TickeTrak Mobile solution offers enforcement personnel instant communication to the office while out in the field. Parking tickets are available for payment within seconds of issuance, and scofflaw and permit data are sent to the handheld whenever changes are made. This powerful, easy-to-use system helps manage all aspects of your parking operations on one platform to provide immediate access to critical information.

Our rugged handheld options range from Windows to Android OS and all-in-one units to handheld and printer combinations to suit every need. We also offer in-house servicing and repairs for Casio and Trimble handhelds. Our fast turnaround time keeps your equipment in the field.

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