Public Safety

Badge provides officers and staff the entire lifespan of police records from the initial generation to its completion. With intuitive data entry and comprehensive crime analysis and reports, Badge will streamline your law enforcement operations. It offers user-customized fields and automatic data merges to department-specific documents, as well as module-specific and ad-hoc reports. Badge has been NIBRS/UCR compliant for more than 20 years.

Badge is an excellent option for organizations on a budget. You don’t have to pay for bloated software when your organization only needs a fraction of those services. Cardinal lets you choose how streamlined or robust your software needs to be, and our customers have access to our support team and certified partners to get the best solution for your organization and maximize your budget.

MobileCite reduces the stop time and increases the accuracy of issued citations and warnings by eliminating the need for paper tickets and offering officers an easy-to-use mobile electronic citation (eCitation). MobileCite driver’s license readers quickly populate driver’s license information and gives officers the ability to include numerous violations on a single citation and customize violation picklists. Instantly retrieve warnings and data about the defendant and vehicle with MobileCite on a laptop, while our handheld solutions also allow officers to easily capture images, video and voice notes.

We also provide customized ticket design. Our in-house staff of printing experts can assist you with design, layout and artwork. We specialize in tickets for the Casio IT-9000 series, the Zebra MZ320 series, as,well as the Zebra RW420 and ZQ series, but we can also work with you on custom print jobs.

Our computer-aided dispatch system, CAD911, provides crucial information to both dispatchers and officers, including: intuitive data entry, signal code-specific SOP alerts, location histories, color-coded calls, unit statuses and much more. With direct one-click access to Cardinal’s Badge RMS, as well as LETS integration, and the ability to send calls to officers in the field saves time when seconds count.

CAD911 information is also available via our CAD web viewer. This web-based application allows emergency response personnel to view CAD activity with 15 second updates. Integrated GPS and AVL capability in patrol cars improve the visibility of calls and resources for dispatching. GPS/AVL benefits include tracking of units responding to a calls, the location of calls in relation to resources available, as well as Fleet Maintenance features.

MobileLink delivers fast and accurate information in real time. Officers have the ability to receive, respond and clear service calls directly from their laptop. With in-car messaging, LETS integration, mag card reader capabilities and direct one-click access to Cardinal’s Badge RMS, MobileLink is the ultimate complement to your RMS needs.

Public Safety Partners

Why Cardinal?

Cardinal offers a suite of integrated public safety products so you can get a robust solution that works best for your agency. Our software keeps your officers informed and connected with instant data transfers between our applications. Whether you need a records management system, computer-aided dispatch, an automated eCitation solution or a mobile information system, Cardinal has you covered.

If you’re ever in need of assistance, our team is here to help. When you call in, you actually speak directly to another human, which means no more navigating a confusing automated system and leaving a message on a machine. We make sure to learn your name and that you’re satisfied with your software. With an average tenure of 10 years at Cardinal and in-house industry experts of former police chiefs, dispatchers and administrators, our seasoned staff can walk you through support questions, purchasing decisions and more.