Tickets and Envelopes


High Quality at a Competitive Price

Contact us for a price quote for all your ticket and envelope needs! Our in-house staff of printing experts can assist you with design, layout and artwork. We specialize in tickets for the Casio IT9000 series, the Zebra MZ320 series and the Zebra RW420 series, but we can also work with you on custom print jobs.

Your Options

We offer a wide variety of options so you can get the product that works best for you. Some of your ticket and envelope choices include:

  • Ink color
  • Use of logos
  • Envelope paper color
  • Use of postal permit barcodes
  • Different ticket and envelope sizes
  • Bond, thermal or polythermal grades of paper

Cardinal's Guarantee

We will work with you from start to finish to ensure our products meet your expectations. For our current TickeTrak and MobileCite customers, Cardinal Tracking is the only company that can guarantee our tickets will work with our software.                      

Whether you are using Cardinal's handheld ticket writers or another vendor's devices, contact us for a price quote!